Venum Training Camp 2.0 MMA Gloves

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Wear our MMA Training Camp 2.0 gloves and join the Venum Team!

Designed for the regular MMA Training, these gloves provide optimal hand protection thanks to their high density foam and finger reinforcement.

The Venum Training Camp 2.0 MMA gloves use a Velcro fastening system that provides superior wrist support, maximizing punching power and preventing injury.

In terms of design, the gloves are covered with a mismatched graphic matching the designs inside our Venum training camps.

Finally, the MMA Training Camp 2.0 gloves are excellent value for money!


  • Semi leather_ for more resistance.
  • Multi-layered system_ for better protection and shock absorption.
  • Reinforcement on each finger.
  • Velcro fastening_ excellent wrist support.
  • Venum logo.