Radius Professional Bundle Adult Hand Wrap System Black

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Designed to incorporate the removable Radius Roll, the Radius Hand Wrap provides an unprecedented level of protection round after round. Crafted of durable, high-quality performance fabric, it conforms to the unique contours of the hand to ensure the ultimate in comfort throughout your entire workout.

Made from antibacterial, high-grade, closed-cell foam, the Radius Roll is clinically proven to effectively absorbs and redirect much of the impact that would traditionally be directed through the knuckles.

Simply adjust the length of each Roll to cover the exact width of your knuckles and slide into the pocket in the Radius Wrap. The radius Roll is designed for maximum comfort - so you'll quickly forget there're there when your workout begins. That means you can focus all of your energy on training, not your hands.



Radius Pro Package offer everything you'll need for maximum hand protection during any type of training. From heavy bag work or sparring to lighter technical training sessions, wrapping your hands is quick and easy with the exact level of protection you need.



One (1) pairs of Radius Wraps
One (1) pair of Ultimate Rolls
One (1) pair of Hybrid Rolls
One (1) pair of Slim Rolls