AllStrike 2 Focus Target

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The AllStrike2 helps you take your mitt work to the next level by freeing you from the limitations of prearranged striking combo workouts. Coaches and athletes can now improvise on the fly, creating more realistic combat scenarios as if the“head” were a human combatant.
For coaches, you can effortlessly act as an advancing or retreating opponent, putting pressure on the fighter or backing off, all without having to move your wrists and re-position yourself like you would with traditional focus mitts. Your training sessions will open up and you’ll experience the freedom and spontaneity of the AllStrike2.
For athletes, the AllStrike2 gives you the perfect target for developing more accurate strikes. Improve your jab. Hone your uppercut. Perfect your heel kick. Instead of aiming at a bull’s-eye or even a blank pad, you are aiming at the real thing. Nothing gives better feedback than feeling a cheekbone, a nose, or a chin after you connect. You may think you hit your mark on normal focus mitts, but with the AllStrike2, you know.
The AllStrike2 is the ultimate striking pad. It’s what your training sessions have been missing.
One Of A Kind Striking Pad
  • Realistic- Practice striking on a lifelike, 3D surface that gives you instant feedback.
  • Accuracy- Unconventional target helps you hone your strikes to land exactly where you want.
  • Improvise- Faster and better freestyle knees, elbows, and uppercuts.
  • Safe- Simulate sparring rounds against a real opponent while reducing the punishment.
  • Proven- Coaches and fighters worldwide use this tool to achieve more realistic training reps.
  • Durable- Soft yet rugged. Wear gloves, don’t wear gloves. It’s your choice.
  • Natural- Ergonomic grip. Lightweight. Easy to maneuver. It feels right.
  • Made in the USA.