About Us

We are a small business with a big mission and a love for all things boxing and MMA

Having come from a family of boxers and boxing fans, & teamed up with an experienced web designer and MMA fanatic we make the perfect team to provide a Premium Experience here at Square Circle Sports.

Originating in Merseyside, with a proud history of boxing flag shipped by the city of Liverpool we endeavour to work within the sport and industry we love. Motivated by a love for boxing the boxing community and all things sport we will always deliver the best possible experience to our customers and clients.

Why we do what we do

My Grandad once said to me have a think about what boxing has done for you. I thought about it, and as many would, I reeled off a list of fantastic things a sport like boxing and many other sports alike can bring to your life; fitness, health, confidence, experiences etc. But what else he asked? Before I could ponder any further he answered for me; Everything!

He continued to ask "What do you work as?" At the time I was a Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach making my income from taking pad sessions.

When you need a favour, nine times out of ten its someone you know from the boxing gym that can help, or knows that guy or girl who can. When you're training in a new gym and the coach just happens to have coached your uncle or cousin or friend and makes you feel comfortable and welcome! Boxing isn't just a sport it's a community, a humble family always willing to help and support each other and we hope promote that very same ethos through our work.