Redman Student SD Suit -3

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The fit and comfort of the Student SD Suit allows students to get the most out of their training experience. Trauma protection is immediately evident - with maximum protection to the vital areas of the head, and chest. The elbows and knees are flexible, for ease of movement. Students can also share equipment because it's easy to put on and take off in just minutes using Hook and Loop Fastener® strapping. It can be cleaned, spray-disinfected and dried for the next person in minutes -plus the closed cell dipped polyethylene foam creates a barrier that provides safety from blunt trauma and from blood borne (HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis) and other pathogens.

  • Enables students to participate in reality-based training scenarios
  • Protection for critical areas

XP Student Suit Includes_

  • Traditional Head
  • Hand Protectors
  • Elbow Guards
  • Knee Guard
3 L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180 lbs 21"-22"
4 L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180" lbs 22 1/2" – 23"
5 L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180 lbs 23 1/2" – 24"